repeating emails

repeating emails

Post by Sam » Sun, 01 Sep 2002 00:53:08

I am experiencing repeating inbound emails with several
users.  This is only happening when my users receive mail
from certain people.  Can anyone help?

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We are running Exchange server 2000 on windows 2000.  When
dealing with 1 particular company, any email they send to
us keeps coming in to us.  I have contacted their IT
depatment and they say it is a problem with our server.  
According to them, it has to do with RFC 822 dot stuffed.  
Blank lines in the email have 2 periods instead of one,
this causes our server to not respond with a reive
status.  So their server keeps retrying to resend.  They
are using a linux server with Praetor email server or
something like that.  

Anyone have any idea what is going on?  I cant find
anything but I find it a hard to believe reason...

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