Exchange 5.5 Directory and SQL Interaction

Exchange 5.5 Directory and SQL Interaction

Post by Steve Shaffe » Fri, 29 Jun 2001 23:18:35

We have a 3 server Exchange 5.5 site. We would like to create an "employee

database" in our company that will contain various bits of information from

several systems such as Payroll, HR, Telecomm and e-mail to mention a few.

We'd like to be able to pull the SMTP address for each Exchange mailbox out

and populate this SQL database. However, the directory exports for Exchange

5.5 don't put the smtp in field by itself. I know that we could pull an

export (via a command line and write a batch file to automate it) and then

write some code to pull out the SMTP address, but I'm thinking that we can't

be the first folks ever wanting to do this.

The ideal format for this would be a daily extract from the Exchange

directory of e-mail address and alias. That information would then be dumped

into the employee database. Conversely, we'd like to be able to populate our

exchange directory with information from the database such as phone numbers

and Manager name's, etc.

Do you know of anyway that this can easily be done and automated. Any input

or direction would be greatly appreciated.




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