XWEB XWEB Outlook 2000 Outlook 2000

XWEB XWEB Outlook 2000 Outlook 2000

Post by George Heste » Fri, 25 Jan 2002 08:51:30

For some reason I am getting double posts in XWEB and in Outlook 2000 when
people receive email.  This is Exchange 2000 SP2.  It is actually more than
double.  Sometimes it is triple posts.  The user posts a message in XWEB or
Outlook 2000 and the recipient gets multi-posts.  All showing the same time
of post, all the same size.  Does anyone now how to calm these apps down so
that one post results in one receipt?  Thanks.  Windows 2000 Server SP2.

George Hester


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Appreciate any help. Thanks.


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