GSM Short Message Service app for Exchange/Outlook

GSM Short Message Service app for Exchange/Outlook

Post by J?rn J?rgense » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I'm looking for an add-on for Exchange/Outlook that will give me
possibility to send SMS (GSM Short Message Service) messages. I'm NOT using
Exchange server.

I would appreciate answers by mail, since I don't really frequent this

Thank you!
J?rn J?rgensen


1. SMTP - SMS (Short Message Service) Exchange Connector


Does anyone know of a Exchange 5.5 Connector that will allow me to send a
message from my outlook 2k client to a GSM mobile phone in the form of an
SMS Message pref via SMTP but any other way will do.


Phil Bartlett
Comtek Electronics Ltd
Tel:+44 118 9756191
Fax:+44 118 9759191

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