Possibly OT - Linking Public Folders to an Access database

Possibly OT - Linking Public Folders to an Access database

Post by Shuf » Fri, 18 Apr 2003 19:37:27

This may be OT, as I am wanting to do this within MS Access 2000.

Within Access 2000, I have linked to a Public Folder which is an
appointment calendar for an Upholsterer

When I create the appointment in Outlook I can supply various bits of
information, in particular the 'Start' and 'End' times of the

However, when I link the Public Folder and view it as a table, the
'Start' and 'End' times are not provided as fields!!
The only date and Time fields shown are related to when the
appointment is Received, Created and Last Modified.

This information is not visible when creating a linked table to the
public folder - I do not wish to do any modification to the
appointment information in the public folder, this can be achieved better within
Outlook itself.

This is a bit of a downer, as I want to be able view the 'Start' and
'End' times in order that the data can be used chronologically
somewhere else e.g. imported into Autoroute from Access.
Is there any way I can achieve this as it would be nice to have one
point of input (Outlook Public folders) and one place of capturing it
(my Access Database!)

I have been advised to use CDO and have viewed several related sites
but I'm at a blank!
Where I'm stuck is with the code! I've got a blank module with
references set to CDO 1.21 and Outlook 9.
I don't even know what to 'Dim' things as and this is what is
frustrating me!

I would be grateful to anyone who can just nudge me out of this rut,
with something to assist me and get me going - I'm somewhat stuck!

Thanks in advance.


The overall objective is;
To extract the appointments data from this Outlook Public Folder,
Using the Customer Account number in the Subject field get the
Customer name, address & postcode (zipcode) from the Company system
Import it all into Autoroute to get decent route planned out.
By not seeing the Start & End times of the appointment means I don't
know when the appointments are due!!


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