Forms, custom fields, and spellcheck.

Forms, custom fields, and spellcheck.

Post by Steve Dorfmeiste » Tue, 23 Feb 1999 04:00:00

This may be a stupid question but...I need to create a form that has
multiple custom fields on it - basically about 6 text fields. Now my problem
is that spellcheck seems to only be enabled on the Message field. I used the
message field for something already...

Does anyone know how to get spellchecking to work in other fields ?




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Can this be done? We have a contact database of hundreds of contacts in a
public folder on exchange 2000. I had developed a custom form to help our
needs but now we're left with no "easy" way of getting all the old info
into the new form. Many of the fields (name, address, email, phone number,
etc) were left untouched. I was hoping to get that info into the new form
and input from there as needed.

Any ideas?


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