Distribution Group can contain other group?

Distribution Group can contain other group?

Post by Donghyun K » Wed, 04 Sep 2002 15:03:39

hi. I'm newbie to exchange 2k.

I'm constructing organization of our company in AD.
there are some groups in AD containing users (sales, info, hr...)
and I want to make a mailing list with distribution group in exchage

info & hr group. so I made distribution group of "recruit" containing
info,hr group.

in this case, what is the proper memeber of "recruit" distribution
1) info, hr group must be security group?
   (mailbox enabled or not?)
2) otherwise, info, hr group must be distribution group?
   (mailbox enabled or not?)
3) member of some distribution group must be only users?

I'm trying with all combinations but.. I'm not sure what is the
correct case.

Donghyun Kim


1. Distribution Group to Global Group


Not so funny feature in Active Directory and Exchange 2000 (W2K SP3, E2K

1) Create a Distribution Group
2) As a basic user, give permission to your calendar to just created
Distribution Group (ay type of permission)
3) Wait about 5 minutes
4) Vola, Distribution Group will change automatically to Global Group (by
basic user permissions=domain user)

Cool, that domain users can change group types in Active Directory.

I think that there must be some resolution to deny that? Just can't figure
out how...


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