Post by Mike Pemric » Thu, 08 Jun 2000 04:00:00


I'm using IMS as a relay to a unix box running SMTP, however anytime
mail is sent via exchange to a reciients SMTP address, the messaage is
NOt relayed, but goes to X.400 address.  No problems routing SMTP
addresses that are NOT in recipients.


1. <None>

From:   System Administrator
Sent:   Wednesday, 2. August 2000 14:27
To:     admnaioe96
Subject:        Undeliverable: Test2

Subject:        Meeting Test

Start:  Wed 02.08.2000 16:30
End:    Wed 02.08.2000 17:00
Show Time As:   Free

Recurrence:     (none)

Meeting Status: Meeting organizer

Required Attendees:     admnaioe92; admnaioe96

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