Exchange client: hooking message 'open' event

Exchange client: hooking message 'open' event

Post by Tim Steven » Thu, 13 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I'm new to COM and Exchange development, although have several years of

I've been able to use Simple MAPI for most of what I need, with one

I'd like to hook the event that Exchange generates when a user opens a
message (e.g. by double-clicking).  My hook would do simple processing,
then pass the event and message through to Exchange as though my code
had never been there.

Can anyone point me to a simple sample?  I can work out how to examine
the message once I've got access to it; it's just getting at the 'Open'
event.  I've worked out how to do it from a menu item, but I need to
avoid my code forcing users to change their behaviour.  This is why I
need to catch the open from a double click, or the enter key on the
selected message.

The reason I'm doing all this is that I need to detect incoming messages
with a 'special' attribute (such as a named attachment, or something
else I can set with Simple MAPI at the sender's end), and to take
special action for those messages.

Maybe profiles are the way to go, but I can't assume anything about the
sender's ID.  All I can assume is that all users will be using 95/NT,
with some flavours of Exchange or messaging.

email replies, please, since my news feed's unreliable, and please not


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This is one I've not seen documented, and as the error logs don't show
anything, I'm stumped.

Exchange 2000 with OWA and users with various browsers and versions.
Everyone can login, and reach their mailboxes. Everyone can see the
available public folders, everyone can see their inbox and sub folders,
calendar and contacts. What they can't do everytime is open an e-mail

Most messages open fine, but not all do so, ruturning a 404 error..
Refreshing either the failed open message, or the inbox doesn't make a
difference. The messages exist, logging in with another client - Outlook on
the LAN,or a POP client, gets the message.

I've checked all the Microsoft support documents that refer to the 404
error, and none seem to pertain, though I've checked the instructions for
overcoming their listed problems. None of the suggested fixed are relevant
to my problem's resolution.

Anyone else experience this problem, and fix it? I'm open to suggestion (no
I'm not getting sleepy!)

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