Outlook Web Access Problems

Outlook Web Access Problems

Post by P.C. Junkee » Wed, 30 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have installed OWA and I can access it from outside just fine, but when I
logon to check a mailbox, it errors out with "the exchange server is down or
http service is disabled".  Of course, these are not true, and I have tried
everything Microsoft was able to offer (not much...) and nothing seems to

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

-=P.C. Junkeez=-


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I keep getting Access Forbidden everytime a try to use Web access to get
mail . When I enter http://Myserver/exchange  i get the HTTP/1.1 403 Access
I went to the HTTP Site Settings in the Exchange Administrator, checked
enable protocol and on the permissions page it has everyone entered. What
could be the problem? Please help.

Greg Prostko

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