specific domains won't accept mail

specific domains won't accept mail

Post by R.j. van Lippevel » Thu, 19 Sep 2002 21:55:00

Specific domains(2) won't accept smtp mail from my exchange 2000 (sp3)
In the Exchange admin the state of the Queue for Bluewin is retry.

So I turned on the Logfile and that states:

11:00:15 mta16n.bluewin.ch EHLO - 0
11:00:15 mta16n.bluewin.ch - - 0
11:00:15 mta16n.bluewin.ch MAIL - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch - - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch RCPT - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch RCPT - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch RCPT - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch - - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch - - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch - - 0
11:00:17 mta16n.bluewin.ch DATA - 0
11:00:20 mta16n.bluewin.ch - - 0
11:03:37 - - - 0

But when I lookup the mx records of bluewin.ch on the exchange server:

D:\>nslookup -type=mx bluewin.ch
Server:  letscorp.letscorp.nl

Non-authoritative answer:
bluewin.ch      MX preference = 30, mail exchanger = mxbw.bluewin.ch
bluewin.ch      MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mxzhh.bluewin.ch
bluewin.ch      MX preference = 20, mail exchanger = mxzhb.bluewin.ch

mxbw.bluewin.ch internet address =
mxzhb.bluewin.ch        internet address =

Why is the server connecting to a different mailserver and where did
he get this address from "MTA9N.bluewin.ch" I can't start a telnet on
port 25 on this (mta9n)server. Why does exchange connect to this other
smtp server????

Any idea's ????

R.j. van Lippevelde


1. Certain messages won't go through to specific domain

This is a very strange problem.

I am the netadmin for a small company. They have their own Exchange
server 2000 running on a 2000 server and their own domain name. Their
ISP is Bignet.net.

Problem: Sending a message to any Comcast.net user (of which I am one
and we have tested to other users there) may or may not get through
depanding on it's size. If larger than ~700 bytes, it will not go. If
smaller than ~700 bytes, no problem.

The message gets stuck in the SMTP server queue in "retry" status
until it times out.

The error messages that come back to the sender in the NDR might be
one of two:

           This message was rejected due to the current administrative
policy by the destination server.  Please retry at a later time.  If
that fails, contact your system administrator.


           Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.
Please retry or contact your administrator.

No other messages to other destination domains seem to exhibit this
problem. Incoming messages do not have a problem from any domain.

I have talked to tech support at both ISPs. Issues that have been
explored and found good ar have been corrected:
Our DNS server incorrectly configured - NPF.
NSLookup info incorrect - Comcast does NSLookup on name and number and
rejects messages as spam if the two lookups don't match - Corrected by
Our Exchange doing relay - didn't, doesn't, never did, never will.
Our Exchange doing bounce - no clue what this is.
Our Exchange TTL and hop count too low - was 15 (the default), now is
30 and no help.
Blacklisted - Comcast says they do blacklisting; I've checked at one
blacklist website and don't find us listed; besides it would affect
other destination domains also; we don't do mass e-mailings anyway.

Does anyone have any other ideas that I can look at? Why does message
size make a difference and to only one specific domain?


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