Sending Email from Multiple Addresses

Sending Email from Multiple Addresses

Post by Dave » Sat, 26 May 2001 06:16:37

Hi there - is there any way a user (Outlook 2k) can send email from more
than one domain (easily!) We have exch 5.5 which accepts incoming mail
easily for two domains. ( and But when we want to
send mail and can't chose the from address (well we can but the exch server
replaces overwrites anything with the default reply to address for that




1. Sending mail from multiple email addresses

Hi Group...

I have an interesting (or not so interesting) exchange server challenge...
Our enterprise has fragmented into 3 separate companies.  All 3 entities
have their own domain names and email accounts.

The problem...

Purchasing, AP/AR, and inventory will not be treated separately...  The
people who work in these roles will be working (and communicating via email)
for all 3 companies.  Is there a way for these people to choose what email
account their messages are sent from? They need the ability to represent all
3 entities at all times.

Right now, these people can receive email from all 3 domains.  I have set
their user in AD to accept incoming messages from all 3 domains.  Is there a
way for them to pick which account they want to send from?

We have exchange 2k advanced running on win 2k server.


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