RUS/Exchange2K and Custom Recipient problem - long

RUS/Exchange2K and Custom Recipient problem - long

Post by Bruce Ferri » Thu, 21 Nov 2002 07:54:15


We are currently experiencing problems with our Exchange 2K GAL, and I'm
partway to resolving the problem but I could use a hand to getting the rest
of the way.

Here is the background:

We are running a Win2K native domain with 22 sites and 29 domain
controllers.  All the DC's in the main site are also File and Print servers
(I didn't set it up, but I'm stuck with it the way it is).  AD replication
seems to be fine.  All users have mailboxes on a single clustered Exchange
server in the main site.  The clustered Exchange server seems to be able to
contact AD with no issues, with one exception.

When we create a Contact inside AD Users and Computers, it does not show up
inside the GAL.  We've even created mailboxes after creating the Contact,
and the mail-enabled user shows up but the Contact doesn't.

I've done some checking re: the properties of the Contacts, and I've noticed
something strange about all of them.  After creating the Contact, the USN of
the object is about 700,000 lower than the current USN shown through
ADSIEdit or ReplMon.  The first thing I thought of was that we had an
out-of-sync DC, but it doesn't matter which DC I create the object on - it
always has the same symptom.

If I make a change to any value in the object properties, it corrects itself
and the USN becomes current.  Within 5 minutes, the Contact appears in the
GAL.  This means that we'd have to manually change something about each
contact, though.  We are soon to be creating large numbers of contacts and I
don't want to have to open the properties of each one individually as that
would take too many man-hours.

Can anyone point me in a direction to get this fixed?

Thanks in advance.



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I did-but it does not show up on ANY of the address lists, even after i click
synchronise->download address book on my clients.

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12/20/2000 12:59:01 AM

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