Outlook Web Access Problem

Outlook Web Access Problem

Post by Rick Patterso » Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:00:00


I am running an Exchange 5.5 sp3 server and Outlook Web Access on one box. I
really need help to resolve this issue if you have an answer.

This is a scenario of the problem

I logon to  Web Access as myself or an average user, I finish what I am
doing and log off. If I don't close the browser window and click the "To
logon again, click here" I get the logon page again. I can then type in any
user name and get instant access the their mailbox without being prompted
for username and password info. What is the problem. I would greatly
appreciate any help with this issue.


Rick Patterson


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I keep getting Access Forbidden everytime a try to use Web access to get
mail . When I enter http://Myserver/exchange  i get the HTTP/1.1 403 Access
I went to the HTTP Site Settings in the Exchange Administrator, checked
enable protocol and on the permissions page it has everyone entered. What
could be the problem? Please help.

Greg Prostko

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