Added picture missing upon send

Added picture missing upon send

Post by Rob Ylko » Thu, 28 Feb 2002 06:44:52

I have a form in which I press a button and a picture is loaded into a
picture control using the following code:

Sub Approve1_Click
Set objInsp = Item.GetInspector

Set objPage = objInsp.ModifiedFormPages("Approval")

img = objPage.Controls("combobox1").value

if img = "Julie Clamen" then

Set objInsp = Item.GetInspector

Set objPage = objInsp.ModifiedFormPages("Approval")

Set Sig1 = objPage.Controls("Sig1")

Sig1.picture = loadPicture(\\bsc2002\signatures\jclamen\jclamen.jpg)

end if

end sub

Now this loads in the image but when the form is sent or saved the image is
not there,  is there some command I need to issue for the form to "remember"
this variable when the form is sent/saved.

I am desperate, I have been scouring the net for an answer explanation,

Thanks in Advance,

Rob Ylkos


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