Drag-n-drop from Outlook

Drag-n-drop from Outlook

Post by Mattias Henningso » Fri, 18 Sep 1998 04:00:00

We'd like to create a drop target component for a system that accepts
drops of Outlook Items and resolves the items EntryId's for later use.

The drag-n drop is no problem, but the only documented DataObject format
is text and the only thing you get with this format is column headers
and associated data. A scan through the available formats shows that
Outlook also supports the formats -16307 and -16370.

Does anyone exactly know what these formats contains or how to get any
information regarding this?? Surely, someone do but...

Thanks in advance,


1. Drag&Drop in Outlook

I have a task to catch drag&drop event in outlook and then do a certain
thing with a dropped message.
I found the only way to accomish this using a notification(installing an
advise sink on a folder), but this works only with publick folder.
Is there any other way to catch drag&drop in outlook using MAPI and is it
possible to implement notification on a private folder ?

Any help is appreciated,
thanks in advance,


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