How to add fields to a message created with CDO using OWA?

How to add fields to a message created with CDO using OWA?

Post by Jonas Lindblo » Fri, 20 Aug 1999 04:00:00

This is what I tried:

field = oMsg.Fields.Add("myField",6)


It doesn't work!

Is there anyone who can help me?



How to add fields to a message created with CDO using OWA?

Post by Gregory Sandu » Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Try this

oMsg.Fields.Add "myField",vbCurrency

Set  field = oMsg.Fields.Item("myField")

>This is what I tried:

>field = oMsg.Fields.Add("myField",6)


>It doesn't work!

>Is there anyone who can help me?



1. Add/Modify custom fields using CDO.Appointment


I'm currently adding an appointment item to a public folder using CDO
(through a .net webservice)

Dim strURL As String = file://./backofficestorage/
Dim strUsername As String = "username"
Dim strPassword As String = "password"

With New CDO.Appointment()
    .StartTime = "11 June 2003 18:00"
    .EndTime = "11 June 2003 18:30"
    .Subject = "Added from web service"
    .TextBody = "Added from web service"
    .BusyStatus = CDO.CdoBusyStatusValues.cdoTentative
    Call .DataSource.SaveToContainer(strURL, , ,
ADODB.RecordCreateOptionsEnum.adCreateOverwrite, , strUsername, strPassword)
End With

This gets added to Exchange, and shows up in Outlook, without any problems.

However, the item needs to use a custom form when opened in Outlook.  Using
Exchange Explorer, I've worked out that I need to set the property to
"IPM.Appointment.Booking" (which is my custom form).

I also need to add a couple of custom fields, which are required by the
custom form.... (These get added automatically when appointments are put in
through Outlook with the custom form)

Any ideas how I can modify the message class property, and add my own?  Any
help would be much appreciated...



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