Message Class for meeting attendees

Message Class for meeting attendees

Post by Allyn Beca » Sat, 27 Oct 2001 03:06:06

I create an meeting request with the following code.  I
want to specify a custom form for the Appointment.  So I
set the message class on the Appointment object.  

Upon checking results using Outlook 2000, the meeting
requestor pulls up the custom form ok.  Attendees pull up
the standard Appointment form.  How can I get the custom
form to show up for attendees too.



' Create Configuration object
        Set cnfg =Server.CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")

        ' Create appointmnet object    
        set appt = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Appointment")

        with cnfg
                .Fields(cdoTimeZoneIDURN) = cdoUTC
        end with

       If attendees <> "" Then          
        with cnfg
        'set meeting requestor
        .Fields(cdoSendEmailAddress) = email
        .Fields(cdoSendUsingMethod) = cdoSendUsingExchange
        end with

        ' add any required folks
          appt.Attendees.Add attendees
        End If

        with appt
          .Configuration = cnfg
") = "IPM.Appointment.IWS"
                .StartTime = startTime
                .EndTime = endTime
                .Location = location
                .Subject = subject
                .textBody = descript
        end with

        'If meeting -- send out meeting requests
        If attendees <> "" Then
                set calMsg = appt.CreateRequest
                set calMsg.Configuration = cnfg
        End If

        ' save to requestors calendar

        ' clean up
                set cnfg = Nothing
                set appt = Nothing
                set calMsg = Nothing