Outlook Forwarding Rules

Outlook Forwarding Rules

Post by Ralp » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 02:52:36


     I need to be able to Set a Rule that will forward a response
(either a Template or just a Confirmation E-Mail) to the Address
listed under the CC-Address block.


     1.  All E-Mail's with the Title "I have a Special Request"
     2.  All E-Mail's From:  MyAccount.yahoo.com
     3.  E-Mail response should be sent to the CC-Addresse

Is this possible?  Any and All help will be greatly apreciated.


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When I set a rule using Outlook 2000 to
forward all incoming mail to another e-mail
account everything works fine as long as
it's a local account. If I set the forwarding to
an external account the forwarded messages get
stuck in the Message Categorizer.

Any ideas how to fix this ?


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