Cannot access Outlook Web Access or any ASP files

Cannot access Outlook Web Access or any ASP files

Post by Charles Case » Fri, 17 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am having a problem with Outlook Web Access for Exchange. I had it set up
and working fine until someone was wirking with using ASP on our web site.
Since then whenever we try to use OWA it just hangs, and then it will say it
cannot find the logon.asp. I also have noticed that now no ASP files work on
that server, its like it no longer knows how to handle ASP flies or what
they are. When I try to launch one on the server it asks what application to
use to open it. Has anyone run into something like this?

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Hi All,

Our company installed Windows2000+Exchange2000 server for email. At office
people access their email mostly via Outlook2000. Outside office stuff
access their email through Outlook Web Access. We have a problem, which is a
few employees cannot access their email vie Outlook Web Access. I checked
and compared all users configurations, it's all same, I couldn't find any
way to resolve this problem.

Who can give me some idea about how to diagnose this problem.


Jeff Fan

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