Help::Custom Field in programmatically creating new item

Help::Custom Field in programmatically creating new item

Post by Neo » Tue, 20 Nov 2001 22:15:39

Hi all,

I'v a custom outlook contact form having a number of custom fields. it has
some fields with prepopulated data. It's working fine inside Microsoft
Now, I want to create a new contact item using VB code. This new contact
item should be based on my custom outlook form so that i cud open it using
the custom form from Outlook. I'm able to do all this but, the prepopulated
custom fields have no value. also, when i check the properties of the newly
created contact item using WSS doesn't contain any custom
properties that i made for Custom form. why is this behaviour. do i need to
add all the custom fields to this contact while creating??? if i have to add
all these programmatically, i'll have problem in assigning values to custom
fields that are prepopulated.

pl help


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Here is the problem that I am having. I am wondering if somebody has solved
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I am creating a post to a public folder. The form was designed in OL97 8.03
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created programmatically before I post the form.

Even more interesting, the fields are not accessible when the form resides
in the folder until I open the formin the  Outlook, put some values in the
user-defined fields and save it. After that everything runs just great, but
it is not a solution.

All input will be greatly appreciated.

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