Outlook Web Access problem- Exchange 5.5

Outlook Web Access problem- Exchange 5.5

Post by Ari Pulline » Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:00:00

We currently run Exchange 5.5 server, with IIs 4.
We get an error when you open a mail item and try to do a reply
"failed to open this item, your item does not exist in this folder, it may
have been deleted"
If you create a new mail message and type the email address in sad then send
the new message it works fine.

I have investigated the Microsoft site for this but there seems to be

Any ideas, please


1. Problem with Outlook Web Access - Exchange 5.5

For the past two weeks... my company has been having some major issues
with Outlook web access.

To briefly summarize what we have... we have two Exchange 5.5 servers
running in an NT4 domain... but installed on win2k servers.  Both of
them have Outlook web access running on a made up port (for the sake
of this email - ill say it runs on port 31000).  I opened the Outlook
Web Access ports on the firewall so people on the outside can hit it.

In the past two weeks... it seems that the web service would just stop
working.  Either I would go to mail.myserver.com/exchange and I
wouldnt get anything (no yellow outlook screen).  Or I would get the
yellow outlook screen and when I put in my mailbox name and my logon
credentials... it would just hang.  These problems do not affect
inside clients accessing the server directly with Outlook clients.
This also doesn't affect mail delivery (internal or external).

When this happens if I try to stop the service... I get an error
message saying its unable to stop the service properly.  The only way
around this is a reboot of the server.  After rebooting... it would
work for a day or so and then happen again.

Since I cannot be rebooting these two exchange servers during business
hours and as frequently as I have been recently... yesterday afternoon
I built a 3rd exchange server and added it to the exchange domain and
set it up pretty much the same way as the others.  Only difference
being this 3rd server is installed on an NT4 server instead of WIN2k.
There are no mailboxes on this server, so essentially all this server
does is webmail right now.  Well it worked great overnight... but this
morning the same exact thing happened.  The web service hung.  I tried
to stop it and I got a 2186 error I believe... saying it cant stop the
server.  Needed a reboot.

Anyone have any idea why all of a sudden all three of my exchange
servers would just hang on outlook web access.  I know that opening
the port up to the outside isnt the greatest for security... but this
is what my CEO wanted and you know the deal... can't say no to the
boss.  :)

Any help would be appreciated on this.  


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