Strange notification event behaviour!

Strange notification event behaviour!

Post by Mattias Henningso » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00


Time for (yet) another problem...

Setup: Exchange Server 5.5 (SP1 FWIW), Outlook98, application
with implemented advise sinks on several exchange public folders.

Problem 1: When manually copying a message between two public folders we
get different events in the advise sink depending on how the message was
created in the first place! For messages created with CDO we get copied
events in both the source and the destination folder. (That is, the
expected behaviour). For messages created in Outlook we get only a
created event in the destination folder!! Moves and modifications
generate events correctly.

Problem 2: The behaviour in problem 1 is not consistent between
different servers... We run the same software on two different servers,
and in one of them we get only created events in the destination folder
even when creating messages via CDO...!!

Question: The question is pretty obvious...



1. Strange SRS behaviour.....

Hi all,

I have the following scenario:

There are 3 sites and all the sites are installed with E5.5 and E2K and all
the sites authenticate from a single Win2K Domain.

Site1 has: 1 E5.5 + 2 E2K Servers

Site 2 has: 1 E5.5

Site 3 Has: 1 E5.5 (this basically to just verify the GAL on the internet

No site 2 needs to be moved to E2K.
Due to some past twaeking of the servers there i am not able to joing
another E2K Server to the site 2.

So i created a Site 4 which again authenticates from the same domain as the
remaining domains. But for some reason, the user objects created in the
other sites using AD Com. & Users are not reflecting in the Site 4 GAL.

I feel this has something to do with the SRS.

Could anyone suggest a solution? (other than the port 379 stuff).

How do i track the replication process through the event viewers or any
other pointers?

Warm regards

Ramesh N

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