Exchange/Outlook 2000 contact list's

Exchange/Outlook 2000 contact list's

Post by Hulfste » Fri, 13 Jul 2001 00:35:35


I have recently built a 2000 exchange mail server and I am in the middle of
transferring everyone over from Sendmail in Unix.


Global Address book works fine...I can see any email address from AD, which
allows me to send e-mails to anyone within AD.


Before Mail Store I was using Outlook 2000 with a "PST" file, these files
stored each user's personal address/contacts. When the user cuts these
addresses and adds them to the Mail Stores Contact list they are not able to
"Check Names" or sort or email by using the name of the contact. How can I
fix this?

I have told Outlook to search for names in the "contact " folder.

When I leave the Contact in the Personal Folders I do not have this
problem...but I want to do away with Personal Folders.