Adding disclaimer\signature to all outbound internet mail.

Adding disclaimer\signature to all outbound internet mail.

Post by Brent Dorringto » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Is there some 3rd party product that will add some text, an attachment or
something else to all outbound mail that goes through the
internet connector on exchange?
Any comments at all will be greatly appreciated.

Please e-mail at my e-mail address


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Hopefully someone out there can help.

Used to be that you could a disclaimer in Exchange 5.5
using the following method.  Does anyone know if there is
a similiar method in Exchange 2003. I have tried the event
sink method but it gets conveluded when using a mapi
client, such as outlook?

Any help would be appreciated.  

Legal Disclaimer on Internet Bound Email

In Exchange 5.5 there is a simple method for adding text
to all inbound or outbound Internet email.  This various
options can be found in Q262097 and Q258206.

This section is limited to appending text to Internet-
bound email using Exchange 5.5.  In effect, this can place
a 'legal disclaimer' on our outbound messages.

From the BackOffice 4.5 Resource Kit CD, locate the
Copy the imsext.dll to the Exchsrvr\Connect\Msexcimc\bin
folder on the server with the IMS
Register imsext.dll from the command prompt:

        Regsvr32 <path to>\imsext.dll

4.      Run regedt32
5.      Click on the registry key:


6.      On the Edit menu, select Add Value, and enter the

        Value Name: NonRoutingExtensionDll
        Data Type: REG_SZ
String Value: (enter the complete path to the imsext.dll)

7.      On the Edit menu, select Add Key, and type
Extension.  OK.

To append text to the body of Internet bound message

Open the Extension key you just created.
On the Edit menu, select Add Value, and enter the

        Value Name: OutboundAppend
        Data Type: REG_SZ
String Value: (type the text to append to messages here)
OK & close Registry editor.

c.      Stop and restart the Internet Mail Service to
effect the changes (a reboot is not necessary).  If you
later edit the text to append to messages, the IMS must be
restarted as well.

Note that \par inserts a carriage return.  Subsequent
carriage returns w/ bold text: \par\b then \par\b0 etc.
\par This message may contain privileged and/or
confidential information.  If you have received this e-
mail in error or are not the intended recipient, you may
not use, copy, disseminate or distribute it; do not open
any attachments, delete it immediately from your system
and notify the sender promptly by e-mail that you have
done so.  Thank you.

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