Lost contacts when upgrading to XP

Lost contacts when upgrading to XP

Post by sweevi » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 20:48:03

Hi there,

We currently use exch. 5.5 with outlook 2000 as the
client - and all users can access their personal contacts
folder through the address book. We're implementing a new
domain in a W2K environment and upgrading the Outlook
client to 2002(XP) but although everything functions as
normal every user has 'lost' their contacts folder.

Office is deployed using an .MSI script. Could this need
amended? Does anyone have any ideas? When I revert back
to the old domain, the contacts folder reappears...


1. Lost of access rights for Outlook XP client

I was having difficulty with a client (Outlook XP) and the ability of the
user to delete folders in there own mailbox on the Exchange server.  The
user could create new folders but could not delete them.  The 'SELF' rights
in the AD mailbox rights had the 'Delete Folders' permission enabled.

So, I had the user save all their information to a PST, I deleted the mail
box and recreated the mailbox after purging the mail box in the system

After recreated, the user could move the information back, but some folders
the user could not open anymore.  The client kept complaining about not
being able to access the free/busy state.  Now they can't even create a new
mail or reply to mail in their Inbox.  Again, user has 'Delete Folders' and
'Full Rights' mailbox rights for 'SELF'...

I am at a loss for the original problem and the new problems with access to
the mailbox.

Any ideas?  This Exchange server has only been running 8 months, I'd hate to
have to reinstall it already.

Exchange server is Exchange 2000 sp1 (I think) [version 6.0 build 4417.5].


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