Setting up mailbox problem

Setting up mailbox problem

Post by Ken Hilverd » Wed, 01 May 2002 02:49:57

I had a bad exchange2k install and gave up for a while. When I cleaned thing
up and installed a clean exchange2k and went to create mailboxes, some users
allow me set up all fields, other show the alias and leaves the server and
mailbox store gray and blank, with the next button grayed out also. This
happens to some users but others, and not to new users. Any ideas? Do I have
to set/reset an AD attribute?



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We're using exchange 5.5 w/ Outlook 97 for our email system.

Using default setups:   when I set up 1 account on a PC, that person
can't get their email on any other PC  AND  no one else can use that PC
to get their email..

I'd like to have ALL outlook info be stored on the exchange server (or
at least not on the local PC) so someone can log-on any PC and get at
their old and new email and other Outlook info.

and conversly...   I'd like to be able to set up the PC so ANYONE on the
change server can log in and get their email.

can anyone provide help on what I need to do/set to make this happen?

David Tinklepaugh
Network Admin.
The Health Association

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