Exchange Exam

Exchange Exam

Post by MH » Tue, 20 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone taken the Exchange Exam lately? Got notes or pointers you
would like to share?



Exchange Exam

Post by Amiri Jone » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

    I haven't taken it lately (I took it about 5 months ago), and it was the
5.0 exam.  I don't have any notes; I used Exchange Server 5 Unleashed (Sams
Publishing), Exchange Connectivity Guide (Microsoft Press), the Transcender
exam, and an evaluation edition of the software as my study guides.
Pointers?  Know Exchange inside and out.  Know where every setting is, and
what it does.  Know how to configure the IMS.  Read the exam guidelines for
the exam, and make sure you know how to do everything on the list.  Use the
product (this goes for all the MCSE exams).  Any other questions? <g>

>Has anyone taken the Exchange Exam lately? Got notes or pointers you
>would like to share?




About half way through studying from my final exam to complete MCSE.  I have
only Exchange to go and would like to know if anybody agrees with me in
thinking that there should be an Exchange in the Enterprise exam as well.

I administer a small organization / single site exchange environment and
have come to the conclusion that after studying for the exam that there is a
big difference in looking after exchange in my environment then looking
after exchange in a global environment.

Also in the context of the Server and Server in the Enterprise exam I feel
the single Exchange exam is asking a bit much.

What do you people think...


Gary Swanton
MCP (Only Exchange to Go)

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