OWA error Permission Denied 70 & SP3

OWA error Permission Denied 70 & SP3

Post by Hitan Meht » Sat, 09 Nov 2002 02:53:00

After Applying SP3 the MTA stacks and Information store no
longer start. I have reinstalled exchange and put back the
information store with NO service pack but this has not
resolved the public folder problem.. also tried replacing
davex.dll which completely knocked out IIS.. the Virtual
directory links are all fine but still no public folders



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While I try to open a mailbox using OWA, I get "Permission
Denied 70" error but it opens up the mailbox. I am not
sure why am I getting that. Also I cannot see my "Public
Folder" with the mailbox when I use OWA. But when I use
the http://ipaddress/public I am able to view the "Public
Folder". It is kind of wired ... My server is Exchange
2000 (using ISA server).

If any one could help me with the above issue would be  



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