Making an Address Book available to All Users

Making an Address Book available to All Users

Post by C. Herzo » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 07:19:56

I am in the process of building my First Exchange 2000
Server. I want to setup the address book so all of my
customers email addresses are available to my Users.

Someone was nice enough to give me these Q Articles to

Q233209 - XADM: Windows 2000 Contacts and Users
Q237677 - Using LDIFDE to Import and Export Directory
Objects to AD
Q300409 - How to Use Csvde.exe to Import Contacts into
Active Directory

Which was great, but I am not very familiar with AD. So a
lot of this was UBER confusing.

I have exported my Customer Address Book to a CSV file,
but it's not in the right format for me to import it with
Csvde. Which is where I am stuck.

If anyone could help me.. I would greatly appreciate it!