Exchange-friendly Shared Address Application

Exchange-friendly Shared Address Application

Post by Kenny Schif » Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:00:00

We have a desperate need for an application (preferably that would plug
into exchange server) that would allow us to serve out a company-wide
address book that has email (and non-email information) about our clients.
Our client-base is not that big (several hundred records). It would be
important for the application to be able to import info from an external
database program (e.g., Access or FoxPro), better yet, it would be great to
read a file real time.

Anyone know of such a beast.


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Dear All,

I am running Exchange 2000 Server + Outlook 2000 Clients and I am keeping
all the contacts in a Public Folder on Exchange.

Whenever I write an email, Outlook goes on displaying the "Friendly format"
of the address, i.e. "First name Last Name (e-mail)".
I would like to display a different format, like "First Name Last Name, Job
Title, Company" instead.

Unfortunately neither the "Display Name" field nor the "File as" can solve
the problem, even when I define a new customized form for entering the
information in the Contact folder.

It seems that the big problem comes from the "Select names" dialog box,
where you can select all the contacts you want to send the email to. I am
not able to customize this form nor I'm able to customize the "Address book"
dialog (that shows the information in the same way).

Please help me out on this problem, I am having this problem for over 4
months and am desperately looking for the solution.



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