Move mailbox creates duplicate

Move mailbox creates duplicate

Post by Neil Walke » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 21:49:23

We are in the process of moving mailboxes from an Exchange
5.5 server to an Exchange 2000 server in the same Exchange
organisation (by using the move mailbox option in AD). The
mailbox is created on the 2k server & the messages moved,
however the mailbox also remains on the 5.5 server. If I
delete the mailbox on the 5.5 server, the ADC replicates
the deletion to the 2k server.

I can't find any kb articles to support this at present so
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



1. Move Mailbox created duplicate mailboxes

I tried to use the Move Mailbox function to move a mailbox
from one server on a site to another on the same site.  It
looked like it worked fine but I was unable to access the
mailbox in Outlook, and in Exchange Admin both servers
showed the mailbox as belonging to the other server.  I
waited overnight and now the mailbox appears on both
servers as belonging to the original source server, but
it's empty.  I checked in the destination server's Mailbox
Resources and the mailbox is there with the correct size,
but I can't seem to access it.  I tried renaming the empty
account on the source server and it renamed the account I
see in Mailbox Resources on the destination server, so
they're tied together somehow.

I tried using ExMerge to export the mailbox from the
destination server - it showed up in ExMerge's list as
belonging to that server - but it exported the empty
mailbox from the source server instead.

Any ideas how I can get rid of the empty mailbox and
connect to the good mailbox?

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