Public Folder permissions

Public Folder permissions

Post by <lee.a.gilki.. » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:27:31

I am having problems giving permission to people in public
folders, I have it set throughout the folder trees.  Is
there any where else that might cause restrictions?

Thanks greatly!


1. Public Folder permissions / Team Folders problems

(Before starting, an apology - I've heard that there is a newsgroup for Team
Folders, but my ISP denies this! Also, I think the problem is one of
permissions in Exchange, not the Team Folders Wizard itself)

New to Exchange, I'm trying to set up a Team Folder having downloaded the
kit from Microsoft but it's thrown up a different problem regarding the
permissions needed to create a new public folder.

Am I supposed to be able to create a subfolder directly under Public
Folders, and if so how?

If I right-click on 'Public Folders' in Outlook 2000 and select 'Properties
for "Public Folders"', I can only see 2 tabs ('General' & 'Home Page'). If I
right-click on 'All Public Folders' and select 'Properties', I can see 3
tabs ('General', 'Home Page' & 'Summary'), but on the 'Summary' tab the
following information is displayed:

Field                                    Contents
Folder Contacts                        Blank, can't select anything
Properties button                      Greyed, can't select anything

Your permissions:
Roles                                        Custom, can't select anything
Create items check box             Clear, greyed
Read items check box               Checked, greyed
Create subfolders check box     Checked, greyed
Folder owner                            Clear, greyed
Folder contact                           Clear, greyed
Folder visible                             Checked, greyed

Edit items radio button                Own, greyed
Delete items radio button            Own, greyed

(rest of dialog greyed out & blank)

I've tried this logged on using my own account and as Administrator, on a
range of client PC's and the server itself.

Any help or advice gratefully received!

System: Dell PowerEdge Server, dual Pentium III 500MHz, 128MB RAM, Microsoft
BackOffice Small Business Server 4.5
             Client PC's min.spec. Pentium II 366Mhz, 128MB RAM, Win98 /

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