Importing/Exporting GPOs?

Importing/Exporting GPOs?

Post by Spark » Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:13:57

Hi all-
I'm about to deploy Windows 2000 with Active Directory to many separate
locations.  Due to lots of security reasons, they will be standalone domains
for now, rather than in a tree or forest.

However.... I love everything that can be done with group policy and have an
"ideal" configuration that I'd like to duplicate without necessarily having
to set each setting for each installation.  If only I could have them all in
one forest and link the same policy to them!!!   I know that IPSEC policies
can be exported/imported, but haven't found anything that would allow the
administrative templates part of the user policies (desktop settings, etc.)
to be portable.

Does anyone know of any tips/tricks/ or killer utilities to do this?


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EXCHANGE 5.5 SP 1 & 2
I'm trying to use the command line utility c:\exchsrvr\bin\admin to export
all of the attributes for a mailbox object.  I have tried using the option
file (numerous configurations) and specifically the InformationLevel=Full
parameter but this still does not export all of the data only certain
attributes.  Any help?

As a user with a valid mail profile & appropriate mailbox settings (eg
mailbox associated with the right NT account) I used Outlook 97 to gain
access to the Address Book (aka Global Address List (GAL)) by selecting
Tools/Address Book.  By double-clicking on my entry in the Address Book I
viewed my personal mailbox attributes (Address, Postal Code, Phone Number,
etc.).  Unfortunately, I am unable to modify these attributes!  I researched
the BackOffice Resource Kit BORK & found that there is a utility for
modifying mailbox attributes; futhermore, a setting (I believe it is
"account-access") in the Schema can be changed to specify user security.  So
far I cannot figure out the correct value for this setting or whether it
will actually enable me to edit mailbox attributes from Outlook 97.   Any

Thanks for your time,

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