Exchange Forms Designer

Exchange Forms Designer

Post by Andy Norm » Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:00:00

What happened to the Exchange Forms Designer ?

I am developing some Exchange/Outlook forms. Up until now I have been
using SaxSoft's mPower (http:\\ but I am having
problems with it so I decided to look for alternatives.

I found loads of sample apps for EFD on the Microsoft site, but it
appears that EFD is only for VB4 16bit (it uses a VBX).

Is there a 32bit version ? If not has it been replaced by something
else ? (I know about CDO, but that doesn't do the same things as EFD)

(and no I don't want to use VB script within Outlook instead !)


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I develop one AP abot E-Form in MS-Mail 3.x
Now,we wish upgrade to Exchange Server.But
we don't know how to migrate the AP.
We found,if we use Exchange Client and run
the AP,it couldn't get Mail Message correctly!
But,we use Exchange of Win95,it is correct!
Please help me,any idea... Thanks very much!

                                Lukas Lu

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