how to get rid of Newsgroups from Exchange

how to get rid of Newsgroups from Exchange

Post by Mark Farrugi » Sun, 25 Nov 2001 02:51:01

Hello all.

I setup a nntp feed, and the feed went and downloaded all of the groups from
the news server.  there are no messages, just groups.  Now when I go into
Outlook 2000 and view the Public Folders/Internet Newsgroups they are all
there.  I would leave them, however there are some that are not appropriate
for a corporate server.  This server is going to go live an about a week...
so if someone can tell me a way of removing all the groups from Exchange 2K
without having to delete each one individually through the system manager
... it would be greatly appreciated.

I also tried to setup an expiration policy for the newsgroups, however it
only removes articles and not groups.

I also tried to set age limits on the public store of 1 day.. however it did
not remove the groups for me either.

So to sum it up.. I need a method of purging all newsgroups downloaded from
the news server in Exchange 2000.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards



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Thanks in advance for the help.


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