Mail Routing through Ex5.5 instead of E2K

Mail Routing through Ex5.5 instead of E2K

Post by Robby Mossma » Thu, 24 Oct 2002 20:26:09

I recently installed a new E2K server by adding it to an
existing 5.5 site.  I have moved all mailboxes to the new
E2K box and when I disable E5.5 my outbound E-Mail does
not go anywhere.  

Upon further investigation I found that all my outbound E-
Mail is still coming from 5.5 and in the x.400 protocol
on E2K I noticed that my Remote Delivery indicates the
Ex5.5 box.

Any suggestions on how to correct this routing problem?




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Hello all There!

I'm quite new to Exchange 2000. So please forgive me if i ask dumb-ass

We have a Windows NT domain with about 20 users. For about a week we
are evaluating MS-E2K: everything works fine. except one BIG problem:

If we try to use Outlook 2K to send an internal mail from one domain-
user to another (via global adressbook), the mail is not delivered. It
seems to stuck in a message queue. After a few "hours" (and i mean
hours) the sender of the mail gets an automatic reply (probably from
the E2K-Server) from "postmaster" (a user which i have not setup...)
saying the mail could not be delivered 'coZ of "the connection to the
server was not beeing able to be made".

External Mail from and to our SMTP/POP3 Server works perfectly. But if
I try to send the mail not to the adressbook-name but to

Everything else (Contacts, Calendaring, Journaling etc.) works perfect.


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