Exchange message size restriction

Exchange message size restriction

Post by Jonathan Plac » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:05:45

we have over 300 users and want to stop all messages over 5mb been sent and
received, but the 4 directors are allowed to send and recieve upto 10mb

whats the best way to setup message size limits for most all users but allow
the directors to send larger messages.

there seems to be various levels to to this, organiation level, smtp server
and individual level but which takes presidence ?

thanks all


1. Message Size Restriction on Exchange 5.5

Hi everyone,

We are currently running Exchange 5.5 with SP2 on all of our Exchange
servers, at last!  We are using Site Connector between the Exchange servers
that are located remotely.  These Exchange servers are connected via Frame
Relay with factionaly T1 (384K - 786K) link to each other.  We also have IMC
running on our Exchange server at the Corp. office (it's the only server
that have IMC installed) for Internet emails, we don't have message
restriction set on the IMC properties itself but on the SMTP Relay Host we
imposed a message size restriction.  Lately, our user had been sending large
attachment to multiple users locate at the remote offices that cripple the
link due to the multiple users access the same large message.  We would like
to impose message size restriction on internal email for everyone.

I know that Site Connector doesn't allow a central place to enable this
setting compare to X.400 connector but X.400 will use more overhead (I think
about 20%) compare to Site Connector and it's more complex than Site
Connector.  The other options I have is to enable message restriction
individually through mailbox properties but this is a time consumming and
that everytime we create a new mailbox a this setting has to be enable.

If you are using message size retriction at your company, I would appreciate
if you share your experienced with me.  Is X.400 is the way to go? or use
Site Connector and set the message size restriction individually?

Thanks for all your help and time.  Your reply is greatly appreciated.

Cuong Tran

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