Last command not supported-problem using yahoo web as POP client

Last command not supported-problem using yahoo web as POP client

Post by Jon Sherr » Fri, 30 Aug 2002 23:15:43

I have a user (the CEO) who has Yahoo configured to read his corporate mail
account. Yahoo's mail option "Get only new mail" uses the out-dated
(according to rfc's) LAST command to track messages that have been
previously downloaded. Exchange is one of the few servers on the market that
doesn't support this command.

When we migrated from an outside mail provider (running a Eudora mail
server) to our internal Exchange server, we had to disable the "get only new
messages" option for Yahoo to successfully download mail. Problem is, now
Yahoo downloads the whole mailbox store every time it connects! This is a
problem when he's out traveling and really needs the Yahoo option.

It gets worse. His laptop client is configured to grab his corporate account
AND his Yahoo account. And it leaves a copy, because it's his traveling
machine. So his mailbox on my server grows every day he travels, and
whenever he needs to use some other computer to check Yahoo from the web, he
gets the complete store EVERY time he checks in to my server. And when he
goes back to his laptop client, he gets ALL the copies from Yahoo in
addition to the new messages from my server.

Anyone else run into this OE and Yahoo problem? Any solutions?

Ultimately I want him accessing OWA, but not until I have a secure
configuration for it. VPN's not a good solution until I move my Mac users to
OS X, so I'm working on a front-end back-end configuration.

Suggestions or commiseration appreciated.



Jonathan Sherry

Network Administrator

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