Post by Loren Kallevi » Mon, 16 Dec 1996 04:00:00

#2 The Schedule+ files are less of a worry since when Exchange Server is used,
there are three copies created.  One on the client workstation, one on the
Exchange Server and a third which is replicated to all Servers within the
Exchange Organization.

As one becomes out of sync. or is deleted, the others are used to replicate.  
So if you lose or delete the file on the client workstation, it will be
recreated from the information contained in the server copy. >>

Is this always true, or only when group scheduling is in use? I recently lost
the .scd file and had to restore from backup. Lost several days. It would have
been very helpful to know how to recreate from the server copy.



Post by Shaun Whit » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi John

Move your personel address books to to the server

E.G \\prince\mse_pabs\[username.pab]

you can configure this in you services for all clients

Make sure you create the share on your server

Quote:> Hello Everyone,

> I need to get an answer to a question, to everyone out there who has
> Microsoft Exchange, I have a network of 20 computers how should I setup
> of my Exchange Clients, so that when there is a crash on a computer, that
> it doesn't delete all of the personal address books, and the MS Schedule
> stuff.

> Should I place all of the files on one server, in one directory, then
> backup that server everynight?  

> What is the best way?

> And if a computer does crash and you have to reinstall exchange and
> everything, at that point how do you go about getting that clients
> book and schedule back to normal?

> Thanks,
> John Woods



I am running Exchange Server2000 on a Win2K network. being our default domain. However I also have an
additional domain: - I would our exchange server to also
recieve mail from this address and automatically forward it to each individual
users default mailbox (the email prefixes are the same for each domain).

How can I do this.


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