Custom LDAP address list doesn't contain all users

Custom LDAP address list doesn't contain all users

Post by Nicolaj Rasmusse » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 20:20:01


We have Exchange 2000 SP3 installed in a service provider
environment with multiple Address Lists for each of the
customers using Exchange.

Until now the Address Lists (AL) have been based on the
extension of user's email-addresses but we're trying to
change this so the list can be comprised of users, groups
and contacts with different email-addresses, e.g. using a
membership of a group as base for the population of the
address list.

What we've tried was creating a group under each customer
OU called "AllAddressBook" and then creating a custom
LDAP query consisting of the following
string: "(memberOf=CN=AllAddressBook,,OU=Hosting
,DC=asp1,DC=adp,DC=dk)". When making a preview of this
all the members of the group are displayed incl. the
distribution groups that have been assigned to the group
as well (fx. a distribution group called "All" that
contains all the users of that specific customer site).

The problem is that when looking at the AL from Outlook
some of the users are missing for some unknown reason. I
can't see any difference between the users that are
displayed - and the users that doesn't appear on the AL.

Does anyone know why we experience this?

And does anyone else have an idea of how to accomplish
what we need, i.e. create an address list that contains
both groups, contacts and users?

We don't want to use custom attributes because then we
have to edit every single user + the groups doesn't seem
to have these extended attributes anyway.

Please CC: send any replies to my email-address

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
Nicolaj Rasmussen


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