random inbound email failures, continuous Virtual server sessions

random inbound email failures, continuous Virtual server sessions

Post by Cal » Sat, 16 Mar 2002 04:02:22

SBS2000 with all current Service Packs (no SQL), most Hotfixes and Security

Client has rec'd several notices from others that have attempted inbound
email transfers - that have failed for random reasons.  Failed transfers
have involved attachments and mail-lists.  I can send attachments to the
site no problem, and I have yet to see any failed mails to any client at
that site.  I have in fact sent the actual attachment that couldn't get
through, without any failures.

What I can see is that there are always Virtual Server Current Sessions
showing from the same few external IP's (usually 4 to 6 sessions showing).
They hit timeout of 600 secs, go away and restart again,  Some sites have
several connections going at once.

This is NOT a high volume site for either inbound or outbound email.  I have
checked for possible open relay issues - but settings all seem OK and a test
using Sam Spade showed site was ok.

I have turned up logging on the connection; standard logging showed Timeouts
occurring on the IP's associated with the sites showing in the Current
Sessions list.  These are not small sites - Universities and ISPs - so they
should be working properly on their end.

The connection is via DSL, through a router, to an external NIC on the

Any hints or suggestions as to where to look or what to do about it will be




1. random inbound SMTP failures

A client has Small Business Server 2000 (integrates Exchange 2000 and ISA).
OS is SP2; Exchange is now SP2; ISA is SP1.

They had complaints of email returning to senders as NDR (various
responses - but most boil down to time to deliver exceeded).

I can open Exchange Admin console and see the sessions on the server; the
connections from the NDR'd ISP's remain open until the 600 seconds are up,
stop, and restart almost immediately.

Mail can flow in and out; though a few connections always seem to fail on

The client has a dynamic IP on a DSL connection; DNS is hosted by TZO.com;
the data on the DNS servers always appears to be fine.

Recent changes are the move from one domain name to another domain name
(external).  I cannot for sure say that the problem came after the domain
change, as the use of the service was limited prior to the new name being
set up.

Microsoft has looked at the set-up and says it is OK.

As I said - mail does move out, and most moves in.  Failures seem to be
timeout related.  I can see the sessions time out on the server.  Even short
emails from my system to the server seem to take too long to complete.  No
CPU spikes seem to be occurring.  Trend OfficeScan MailScan service can be
shut down - with no improvement.

Can anyone suggest a path to follow for ultimate resolution to the problem?



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