Fatal Exception 0D

Fatal Exception 0D

Post by Donald Phillips » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

What in the blue (death) blazes is fatal exception 0D
at location 1F3F:00000032 ?

This appeared on a Win95 machine after installing
sundry graphical software distributed free with a new
Epson 640 printer.  Uninstalling all this software
did not remove the problem, which now allows booting
Win95 only in safe mode.  
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1. Fatal exception 0D has occured at 002:nnnnnnnn in VxD VMM (01) + nnnnnnnn

About six weeks ago I got the following blue screen message:

Fatal exception 0D has occured at 002:nnnnnnnn in VxD VMM (01) +

(where n is a HEX value)

It was then impossible to boot my PC unless it was in safe mode and
finally I rebuilt my system, by taking every component out and
rebuilding including reinstalling Windows 95 (release 2).

Then a week ago the problem reoccured!  However this time after bringing
the system up in safe mode it is possible to start Windows.  But now the
PC periodically gets these blue screens.  Sometimes four or five an
hour.  What's really strange is that the PC can also run for 24 hours
with no problems, then get several of these messages.  I've moved the
cards in the slots and double checked all the connections.

H E L P  P L E A S E!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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