win3./Netscape 2.0 to Win95/Netscape 4.08

win3./Netscape 2.0 to Win95/Netscape 4.08

Post by Fred Goodwin, C » Thu, 11 Feb 1999 04:00:00

>OK my buddy had win 3.1 and Netscape 2.0. He wanted 128 bit encryption. I
>downloaded Netscape 4.08. 4.08 install program wanted win95. I upgraded to
>win 95, installed Netcape 4.08. The browser does not know that there is a
>modem connection. Netscape 2.0 still works with some funky dialer that I've
>never seen before. What should I do? During 4.08 install no detection of 2.0
>was made. I moved all the bullhaha bookmarks n stuff manually. I think I need
>a dialer with TCP/IP? I dunno? any Recommendations? tanks

Win95 has its own dialer and TCP/IP stack: Dial Up Networking (DUN) and
Winsock.  Have you installed and configured DUN?  You can't use 32bit apps
over a 16bit Winsock dialer; you need to use DUN.

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