Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS

Post by marcin » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 23:41:38

Hello everyone
I want to ask about dynamic update of DNS and Win98. As I know Win98 doesn't
support dynamic updates so DHCP server must be configured to update clients'
PTR and A records.
I've configured DHCP server and I was very suprised. Only PTR record was
updated, there wasn't any sign of client's A record in Dns database.
Do you have any idea ? Please help

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Want to set up DHCP/DNS on an internal TCPIP network with a mixture
NT4/SP5, W9x, and linux network.  Trick is that many of the name/ip
assignments can be dynamic.  My understanding is that DNS is a static
arrangement.  How can one provide for the dynamic nature of the
name/ip assignments.

Normally, one would use WINS (good, bad, indifferent) but that doesn't
help the linux boxes (none of them has, or needs, samba).  Is there a
more generic, standard way of providing a 'dynamic' DNS ?

The network is a mix of NT4SP5 desktops, a couple of NT Servers
running Oracle, SQL Server, and file/print services, and some linux
boxes doing various things such as DHCP, firewall duty, apache, and
some other things.  There are also a couple of W9x boxes sitting
around, mostly with USB stuff hooked to them.  All are networked w/
TCPIP on the 192.168.3.x  address space.

I went ahead and set up the DHCP on two low-end linux boxes that were
laying around.  I split the address space between 3.50 - 3.125 on one,
and then 3.126 - 3.200 on the other to provide redundancy.

I have not set up bind on these boxes until I figure out how to handle
the dynamic DNS issue.

In NT there can be a link between DNS and WINS, but I don't really
want to set up the DHCP /DNS/WINS arrangement on any of our existing
NT server boxes; they're twitchy enough as it is, and the two boxes
mentioned earlier aren't really upscale enough to put NT on, anyway.

hm.  So, to summarize the rambling:

1.  What 'generic', standard (simple, easily maintained, even
automatic) ways are there to do dynamic name services tied with a DHCP

2.  Can these solutions be easily implemented on linux or free unix


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