Netscape internet keywords redirect even after it's uninstalled!

Netscape internet keywords redirect even after it's uninstalled!

Post by Kric » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 23:56:32

I have a windows 2000 machine that once had Nescape 4.5x installed.
It has since been uninstalled.

However, something it left behind still insists on redirecting me to

whenever I type a word in my address bar in Internet Explorer.

For example, if I type "localhost" in my address bar, it redirects my
browser to

which is then redirected by their server to

I really don't want this to happen anymore.  How do I stop it?



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I've got a very strange problem:

On my computer (Pentium, 16Megs) I never had any problem running
any version of Netscape (1.0, 1.2, 2.0). Then over the weekend, I
installed Netscape 1.2 on a friend's computer (486 DX66, 8 RAM)
replacing Netscape 1.0 which was running without any problem. Now
when I want to run Netscape 1.2, it won't even start... I double
click on it, the hard disk seems to work a little, and then zippo,
nothing, Netscape does not start (note: Winsock is running as usual).
I installed Netscape 2.0, same problem; does not start.

Does anyone had a similar problem before and if yes what is
wrong with my friend computer. Is it the graphic or the sound
card, the CD driver...

Please Help.


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