can't run .ins files

can't run .ins files

Post by rump » Mon, 31 Mar 2003 07:15:45

I'm trying to run a .ins file from my service provider's site, but it
keeps opening up as a wordpad file instead of installing

Does anyone know how to fix this.  Using windows 2000 and IE 6



1. Running INS files from a CD.

I am using the IEAK 5.0 under windows 98.  I have created some ins files.
These are used to create a dialup connection for the user and work fine if
run from the hard disk but will not run from the CD.  I get the error
""Unable to process the Internet Signup File".  I can copy the CD versions
to the Hard disk and they work fine, so it is not a CD writer problem
(although I have tried creating other CD's).

I just want to be able to create a dialup connection from the CD.

Any ideas anyone?

Are there other sources of information (other than the IEAK) help and the
Microsoft website.  These both seem to lack information about specific INS
file parameters.

rather urgent, although I will try check back here later, sorry for cross
posting but as I said this is rather urgent.)


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