Winsocket?/NT SP6a: Can't create IP socket (10106)

Winsocket?/NT SP6a: Can't create IP socket (10106)

Post by Ulf Wende » Mon, 06 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I hope it's not too much OT.

When I try to connect a local MySQL Database with PHP I always get the
error message "Can't create IP socket (10106)". Talking to the database
on a dos promt via mysql client is no trouble.

On Win95/98 the solution is to install the latest Winsocket 2.2. But
what about NT? The MySQL and PHP Mailinglist archives do not show any
helpful information for NT. I tried SP6a (german version) but no




1. TCP/IP Error- "socket () failed:10106"

I was trying to share my printers over my wireless
network and something blew up.
I now get this error when I boot up, and my computer
can't find my dsl or router.

I was told it is a windows error, but I can't figure out
how to clear it or get windows to analyze it?

Any suggestions?


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