Is it possible to auto install drivers without using windows update?

Is it possible to auto install drivers without using windows update?

Post by Chung » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 08:43:41

I've gone to the the site
and downloaded the drivers for a laptop that I have, yet it still
requires me to manually install the driver.  If I go to and select the same driver, it will
install it automatically without any user intervention other than
clicking Yes for the EULA.  

Does anyone know how this is being done?  The exact same files are
being downloaded at both sites, and in addition to the driver files,
there is a .cdm file that has a statement using rundll to call an
updatedriver call in sysdm.cpl, but this cannot be run from a command

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



1. using windows update to install updated drivers

I used the Windows update manager to update specific drivers. When I went
into The  System Information control panel. to look at the changes in
drivers I was expecting  version number changes. The update not only changed
the version number but also the type of driver unless the name of the piece
of software changed. Before I installed the update I checked, via windows
update, to see if it was indeed a update for my particular driver software.
It was.  How can I check to see if was indeed an update that is valid for my
anybody's particular windows configuration  ?

 IF it ain't broke don't fix it.

 Example: I had the  Radeon 7000/ Radeon VE  driver installed. Windows
said I could update this particular driver. It did but the new name of the
driver is  Radeon
FSC. When I started using my PC and went into the display properties and
tried to click on
the settings tabs a message came up saying that this driver was incompatible
this version of windows and was defaulting to a different driver. I had to
rollback to the original driver for the settings tab to work with my
installed driver
How can I be sure that a new driver is compatible with a configuration


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