Telnet app. help

Telnet app. help

Post by Carl Evan » Tue, 12 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>I'm using Netscape 1.2N and Novell LAN WorkPlace for DOS.
>Our systems guru has set the Telnet app to be TNVT220. I hate it.
>He tells me Host Presentor can't be used because it won't take the
>telnet addresses from the links.  

>With 0 support from the sys person, do I have any other alternatives?

There are several different shareware telnet clients you can use.  Check out
Stroud's or UCOW.  Also, QMODEM Pro for Windows and Procomm Pro for Windows (current
versions) both give you excellent telnet support.

Carl M. Evans, FiberLink, Inc., (206) 803-8914  


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I am writing a CSocket telnet application, but am unsure of how to
implement the output. Using TextOut works fair enough, but I would very
much rather use the CEdit class (or a modified version thereof) which
allows me such luxuries as a flashing cursor, changable fonts etc.

Does anyone no of a downloadable class that will allow me these basic
"DOS C" functionalities ? i.e. positioning the cursor, Clearing screen,

Otherwise any advice or comments will be appreciated.
Bear in mind, I have JUST started using MFC, so please be gentle.  :)

Johan de Lange
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